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What To Do When The Father Does Not Recognize The Child As Is

What To Do When The Father Does Not Recognize The Child As Is

When there are doubts regarding the paternity of a child, it is possible to initiate an investigative process through a lawyer specializing in family law. Your lawyer will determine if it is the wisest choice to file a lawsuit for the investigation of paternity before the family judge.

The Investigation

The Paternity Investigation is a judicial process that must be carried out by a legal expert in family law, which restores the rights to the child when they are not voluntarily recognized by their father. The family lawyer advances before the Family Jurisdiction and to issue a judgment the judge requests evidence, which allows to determine paternity, including the biological DNA test, proof that can be ordered by the competent authority, or provided by the parties interested in the process, such as the lawyer of the plaintiff. (You need a family lawyer.)

The Procedure

This is a procedure that can be carried out at any time, always advised by lawyers who are experts in family law and whose requirements are the following:

  • As far as possible, have the name and address of the defendant. However, if the location of the defendant is not known, the process can be initiated under oath, where the family lawyer states that his client does not know the whereabouts of the alleged father or mother.
  • Name and location data of the plaintiff.
  • Civil registration of birth when you are registered with the surname of one of the parents.
  • Documentary evidence: letters, photos, captures that serve to prove the paternity of the alleged father

Talk to a Lawyer

The family law Orlando attorney writes the facts in writing, if possible with dates, that allow us to relate the paternity of the defendant, who also needs a family lawyer to respond to the paternity investigation demand.